Stevo's Latest Music Reviews Vol. 16

It's 2008 and I'm ringing in the new year with some new "Jamz" courtesy of the numerous iTunes gift cards I received over the holidays. There are a bunch of CDs that I really want to get my hands on, but this band I finally discovered has my ears, and possibly my heart. ;)


If you're in the mood for a great Rock band, with an unbelievable lead singer...check these guys out. I think they may have been around a while, but I'm just thankful I finally found them. One thing I love about these guys is that they're so good dynamically, making the songs swell and move you, as opposed to having a constant sound that gives you one constant emotion through a song...these guys do a great job of pulling you into their songs and taking you for a ride.

Give 'em your ear for a few minutes on iTunes and I promise you won't be disappointed.


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