(heart) conditioning

It's 2008. 8 whole years into this Y2K scare that I'm still nervous about...j/k. It's so crazy to think of all that's happened in a year, the changes, Adler growing up too fast. Life just keeps moving, at a pace that makes me want to shout "hey, chill!!!" sometimes.

This year, my prayer is that I would be able to slow my thinking, slow my conscious, to a point where I wouldn't miss God's will in my life. It's so easy to start thinking about all I need to get done in a day and completely abandon the idea that God has a real, tangible, significant place in my life. I look back at 2007 and can see so many ways that God showed up in our lives, but I honestly don't know how many times I appreciated those instances when actually in that moment. I was probably to concerned with all the other things going on. this year I want to walk around, eyes open to God and all that he will do.

Hello 2008.


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here's to truely 'seeing' 2008

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