My name is Stephen (but I'll pretty much answer to anything...Stevo being a pretty often occurance) and I'm an Atlanta-based photographer.  I'm available to shoot your event anywhere...so if you're looking for a photographer in Fiji...I can be your guy. ;)

I'm married to my high-school sweetheart, Kristine, and have a beautiful boy named Adler.  When I'm not shooting photos I love just being with family & friends.  Life is too short to not have fun with the people you love and that's probably what I love about photography most...it's a chance to capture you around the people you love having fun with.

I've been shooting fotography (that's how cool people spell it) for years. It sorta started out in highschool when I got a camera and took a class. I made my way through college studying communications and "how to make it as a musician" (not a major, but probably what I spent a the majority of my time doing in B-side) and took photos along the way, but alas my camera broke...and so was I.  

Then in 2006, my wife (Kristine) and I found out we were having a baby Boy! My parents hooked me up with a nice DSLR and I was once again hooked.  I can get addicted to learning how to do things well, and with photography it was no different.  I took TONS of pictures and over time, people started asking that I shoot their kids.  Then a wedding...then a band...then...you get the picture.  So, for the last 2 years I've been shooting everything from babies to brides, from musicians to athletes...and having an amazing time doing it. 

Just a little guitar solo for you... :)


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