busy is the new normal

Isn't it weird how being busy feels normal now?  Maybe it always does, as you grow up...you just start to feel busy all the time, but I seem to remember back to a day when feeling like I had time was the normal thing.  I'd get busy and then I'd just think to myself..."self, this is crazy, I can't wait to get done with this busy cycle and get back to normal."

Now it's sort of like "Self, it's crazy, and well, it's been that way. And just to prove it, you're talking to yourself".  

It seems like there's so much going on in the world of The Huntons.  For the full story, just click over to THE FAMILY BLOG! But there's also been some music, photography gigs, and work that's been nutzo!  I've been working on some TV for The Home Depot to run during the Olympics for months now and it's finally going to be live on 8/8/08.  It's not my creative idea, but it is still my project and one I'm really proud of.  PLUS, I got to do a bunch of photography at the shoot with the athletes we filmed, which will be my next blog.

don't get me wrong. Basically all of the busy stuff is good stuff, but sometimes it would just be nice to be like..."Self, what do you want to do for this month?  I dunno, why not sit on the deck and chill for...oh...7 days or so".  Actually, that'd suck, cause I get antsy when I don't have much to do. ;)

Well, it's late...which is the new early. I'm going to bed.


Anonymous,  8:51 AM  

stoked about doing the porch thing tonight. hoping she comes through on the French Polynesian cuisine i requested.

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