Blog Community : Come together and pray for the Larsens

Many would say that you can't have friends via the blog world, yet The Huntons do.  Lauren is a fellow photographer who lives in Dallas.  We became connected through the Flickr community a while back via some other photogs.  Lauren and her husband Matt are currently watching their newborn daughter fight for her life in only the first days with them.  Please click on the link to the right and pray for them.  The church is not a building. It's a mass of believers that come together to worship, respect, and call on God. The blog world can be an example of the modern church.  Let's come together and pray for God to bless the Larsens and their daughter Life.  Pray that He will heal her. Pray that He will give Matt and Lauren peace. Pray.


Matt Larsen 12:58 AM  

you right. in a weird, 21sty, postmodern way, the blogosphere can model what "Church" is to the church.

I have seen the catholic church (little c) at work through this.

keep praying, it is effective at bringing about new creation in our daughter little body and energizing our hope.

matt larsen

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