Advertising...kinda like being a Doctor

Being an account guy for a large advertising agency, working on a large national brand, sometimes feels like being a Doctor...an "Ad Doctor".  

As an ad doctor, I'm saving lives one ad at a time, and those "lives" are these ideas that get tossed onto a chopping block and almost always seem to be dodging the knife.  There are so many hoops an ad has to jump through to get on air, from strategy to concepting, to the internal review, to the Client review, to the second/third/fouth Client review, to the director bidding and presentation of the estimate that's a bit higher than the Client's budget (which was too low to begin with for the project), to the shoot schedule, to the random request to "grab some extra shots on production for another project", to the offline, to the rough cut presentation, to the 80th rough cut presentation, to the final approval of rough cut, to online of footage, to the final/final/final presentation of beautiful creative that's heading out the door, to the last minute feedback from Client, to the 907th version, to the network clearance issues, to being on air.  CLEAR! 

whew...such an easy job being an ad doctor.


khunton 10:06 AM  

And you are so good at it!

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