The whirlwind that is...

It's been a crazy weekend and a lonely start to the week. Kristine and Adler are hanging out with our friends The Wells in the mountains somewhere, so I'm missing my fam today and looking forward to Wednesday when they get back.

Overall, the last couple of weeks have been the typical Hunton craziness, but there has been a lot of fun along the way. I'm looking forward to the Fall, when we'll rest again. :)

Saturday was our 6th anniversary! We had a really fun date night, which included tasty southern food at JCT Kitchen and dessert at "The Chocolate Bar" in Decatur. The most fun of the night may have been getting to go to Barnes & Noble and walk around at an un-frantic pace and look at books. It's amazing how different that store visit would have been if Adler was with us. :) It was such a great night out with Kristine. We need more date nights like that, so it's my new family initiative to make sure that we get out more than we currently are. I love you K!

Also over the last couple of weeks I've had some photography work to tend to. First was a shoot with The Browns. Their daughter Dylan hit the big ONE, so we met in Piedmont Park and took some fun pics! Even with my broken toe (it's a long story) I think I got a couple good ones.

Next was Clifton and Jack's commitment ceremony. A first for me, but their friends and family were so fun and warm spirited. It was an honor to capture their event although my feet were killing me after standing and running around on the Trolley Barn's fancy floors all night.

Finally, yesterday I shot Robin and Ren's wedding. Robin is our friend Misty's Mom and they had a blast of a wedding. It was a beautiful event and both families had no trouble having a good time at the reception. Graycen was in top form as the beautiful flower girl.

In the middle of all of this, my real day job has been crazy and I played a show at Smith's Olde Bar with my bro Patrick. So, after all this you'd probably think that I'd catch up on sleep with Kristine and Adler gone....but you'd be wrong because someone forgot to tell me that the shooting of photography is the fast part, it's the editing of around 2200 pics that will eat you alive. :) Here's to a late night of photos!

Just a couple from the last few days that I like so far:


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