Writing new songs

I have this habit of spontaneously writing new songs in single sittings...only they usually involve the verses, maybe an idea of a chorus and no other structure.  The frustration hits when I suddenly can't create a bridge, intro, outro or whatever.   It's like I'll sit down for an hour of creative write water rapids that flow uncontrolled until I suddenly hit the pool of tranquility and can no longer finish the song.  This also seems to happen in inconvenient times, such as the day before a gig, or the week after a gig and I'm like "well, that song would have been fun to play at that show...now I'm not playing in front of people any time soon blah blah blah".

So, the cool thing is that when I start writing songs I get to reach inside the brains of my other musical friends. Specifically, Zach Gump  who I played in b-side with for years.  Zach's an unbelievable songwriter and musician and is always down to help out with my music which helps me get more creative and ultimately put structure into my sometimes inconclusive thoughts.  

How it goes down?  Well, Zach is in Arkansas playing in two different projects...one is just his solo music.  His album is available on iTunes and it's really good...Go buy it.  The other is as one of two lead singers in Molten Lava.  You may recall some pictures I posted a while back of the guys in studio as well as some of the press photos I did.  They're fun and just might have something really unique on their hands....So, with Zach being 800 miles away I typically will email him a clip/video of a song idea and ask for his thoughts.  Some he loves, the others he helps me to make 'em better.  It's been fun keeping the music alive in some way in my life.  Here's an example of a clip I'd send Zach for a little help with...you'll notice how rough everything is....but that's kind of the point.


Jason 2:26 PM  


I totally understand your frustration. I go through periods of song writing where everything is flowing and then bam, nothing. I think the key here is keep on keeping on. The more you write the more "keepers" you will find yourself having. I am trying to hookup with Zach and get some help from that guy.. musical genius he is.

roy 1:07 PM  

dig it.

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