Creation Melody

Thinking through some lyrics for a new-ish song.  Started writing it around the time of the tornadoes in Atlanta. Basically it's about God showing himself within things like weather and the scenes around us.  I find myself missing out on moments with Him because I get caught up in the crazy Atlanta commute, when he's there the whole time showing Himself within the trees that line the road or the sun that hits my face after the first turn out of my driveway as if to say, "good morning Stephen".

Creation Melody:

I wake up on Sunday morning
and I pour myself a cup of coffee
so I turn on the television, to see what I've been missing
and it feels cold outside.
Sometimes life can be so tough
like thunder rolling in on us
Outside my window clouds are swirling, weather man says danger is certain
and it feels cold outside

I'm looking for the signs of love painted around me
I'm holding onto hope in the middle of this wind
But I see just beyond this horizon
and it's gotta be you, it's gotta be

I listen for the sound of your voice in the rain
I hear it in the clouds, shouting out so loud
creation melody

I hit the road every Monday morning
Cars surround me on all sides
So I begin to worry, but there's no reason to hurry when traffic goes on for miles
Sometimes life can be so tough
when it just won't move fast enough for us
It's all about finding my next dollar, or maybe a little more power 
and then I'll be satisfied

Chorus 2x


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