One crazy summer...and it just began

Wow...so summer has barely even started (if officially at all???), but I'm already tired from all the action. Since April it's been a non-stop adventure for The Huntons:
-Kristine to bachelorette weekend in Austin
-Stephen to Nasvhille
-Stephen to Dallas for benefit concert
-Kristine to YL Camp
-Stephen plays dodge ball and destroys back...laid up for a week
-The Huntons head to H-town Tejas for Deanna and Jason's wedding
-Adler has tubes put in his ears
-Stephen has a show @ Smith's Olde Bar with his bro and Misty
-The Huntons meet up with Mom & Dad Hunton in Hilton Head for vacation time
-Stephen has portrait session, commitment ceremony shoot & wedding shoot within 7 days
-Stephen and Kristine have 6th anniversary
-Stephen goes to L.A. for 8 days of TV shooting
-day after Stephen gets back from L.A. - engagement shoot

There are a bunch of other happenings within this time frame, such as Adler getting a tricycle, community group hanging out for Memorial Day with homemade ice cream...etc. The gist of the story is that it has been loaded with events. Lots of fun has been had for sure, but boy am I glad that this weekend does not include a trip anywhere. This Friday, Kristine and I will having a date night so that we can just catch up, laugh and hang out. I know she's proud of me because I called the babysitter and set it up :)

So...if you're married and super busy and feel like you don't have the time or money to go on a date night...just do it. That's the Hunton challenge for the summer. To simply make time for each other, whether we have the time or not because it's so easy to prioritize everything else in front of a date night. The reality is...staying connected with Kristine is so important because that's what makes the rest of the busy-ness seem less daunting.


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to add:
-to hang with my long lost friend Roy at our crib

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