Spiritual Fitness: "Gettin my bible swole on"

So, admittedly, I am NOT a morning person. The snooze button is my friend, but as of late, I've realized that it's the friend that's really plotting behind my back to ultimately destroy me. We all know that friend. The guy/girl in Jr. High that made you feel like you were cool until he/she got accepted into the "cooler than you" club. That's how my snooze button is...so imaging the difficulty I have in waking up with the intention of stretching my spiritual being and bench pressing some bible knowledge before I get to work...it ain't pretty...BUT, I have been doing a bit better lately. for instance, on Tuesday I intended to wake at 6:15, get ready and go to Starbucks for some coffee, my devotional, and maybe some picture editing (see upcoming post regarding new Buckhead Church shoot). At 6:15, as alarm clocks tend to do, my alarm went off as scheduled with its strikingly annoying harmony. I immediately exclaimed in my brain..."I'm too tired, I'll just hit snooze a couple times and enjoy cuddling with Kristine..but wait, I need to pee first." So I headed to the bathroom, after all, you can't cuddle in comfort with Mother Nature dialin you up. But, once in the restroom, it hit me...in that moment I was going to be making a choice whether to be obedient to God and stay awake, OR was I going to be obedient to my friend "Mr. Snooze" and hop back under the covers. I chose the previous. It's not an everyday habit yet, being obedient to God in the wake of my annoying friend "Mr. Snooze", but I do feel like God is pushing me towards an old friend that's been waiting for me to hang out with him again for quite some time and it feels good to let Him have some of my morning.

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