Is it possible to tell how musically gifted someone is by just looking at a picture???

Obviously the answer is pretty much a "NO"...but after I was blessed to shoot Chrystina Fincher and the Buckhead Church worship band 2 Sundays ago, I was convinced it was possible. Chrystina and the band are some of the most professional, talented, and engaging musicians I've seen...period...I'm not just talking about Christian musicians. They just flat out rock, and the funny thing, after looking at these pictures on my camera was that even without sound, the band looks like they're really good. Maybe it's just the lights, maybe it's the fact that I was listening to them while snapping away, or maybe its the fact that as professional musicians, they've spent years and years not only getting better at their instruments, but also getting better at looking at ease on stage. Either way, they rock...thanks Carlos for having me back out to shoot!!!

The other thing that's been cool about shooting at Buckhead Church is that I've realized that my taking pictures can be an act of worship to God. Especially when taking pictures of worship, but also when taking pictures of God's creation whether it's a mountain, a person, or a reflection that a puddle creates. How cool is that?! I just came away from Sunday thinking about how I, through the entire 3 song practice I ran around the empty auditorium trying to get shot after shot, furiously snapping away, but in my head I was singing and worshiping God with Chrystina and the band. It was a cool moment for me and an amazing reminder that God delights in us enjoying the things he gives us.

Here are a couple of my favorites from the day:


rushingray 7:16 PM  

Great photos man. I especially like the black and white of the bass player...very cool.

AARON IVEY,  8:03 PM  

you got skill dude. these are fantastic. THANK YOU for the hookup on places to go in ATL. they were AMAZING!!

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