iPhone - for "gear guys" or for God's glory???

I realize that my having an iPhone may make some people cringe. Simply because it's this ultra-hip piece of equipment that allows me to do everything from listen to music, to checking maps, weather and stocks, to even being able to make a phone call. It's quite impressive and has definitely up'd my "coolness" just by owning it, especially in the eyes of some YL kids. It's really made my life easier with calendars, and being able to get my gmail, but as of late I've realized how the iPhone can and is, in many cases, be used to benefit my spiritual life. Here are just the first few ways that the iPhone is lending me a hand.

1) iPhone - ESV Bible: ESV has an iPhone button for your home page on the iPhone. It's awesome. You just go to http://www.gnpcb.org/esv/mobile on your iPhone and then "add to Home Screen". It gives you a pretty little button that can live on your main home page, so that when you have a free moment (in traffic, potty time, waiting for coffee to brew, etc etc) you can check out God's word, right on your trusty iPhone. You can also use it when your pastor says "If you have your bible, let's go to..." since now you always have YOUR bible with you :) Warning: other people around you will most likely think that you're a slacker and making calls during the sermon.

2) LifeChurch.TV - I found out a little be about LifeChurch.TV through RagamuffinSoul's blog...this is a great new resource for my iPhone because LifeChurch.TV has a free video podcast available on iTunes. Basically, each week, they post their sermon for download. Yesterday, I downloaded last Sunday's service and watched the sermon while I ran on the treadmill during my recently renovated lunchtime workout. The sermon was 35 minutes, so after it was through I just went on to #3 below. The key here is that the iPhone gives me access to content that can have a positive effect on my life. Sure, the flip side is true, but that's true with the Internet in general.

3) The iPhone has this thing on it, you may have heard of, called an iPod - instead of finishing my video sermon and using the last 5 minutes of my jog to listen to "Death Rows Greatest Hits" (which is a great album I must say, although not necessarily edifying, I pumped up some Phil Wickham to push me through my workout.

So, those are my current 3 uses for the iPhone to help me out a bit in my spiritual journey. Hopefully, I'll continue to find new ways to use the iPhone for good, as opposed to evil (like using "note" for memory verses or something), but it has been cool to see how God can use something like an iPhone to speak truth to me. Sure, I still like having the iPhone for all it's regular bells and whistles, but it's just neat to have a couple new ways to connect to our Heavenly Father.


aaronivey,  10:01 PM  

envy flows like wine. my envy.

Duncan Ramsay,  1:52 AM  

This is great; tonight in church my dad was actually looking up verses with his iPhone... and I have to admit it just looked like he was distracted or texting during the sermon - what a great resource! I added the website to iPhone home-screen; I just love websites that have the custom iPhone logos.

Dennis 11:26 PM  

Funny, I wrote something like this, too: http://ymimexico.org/2008/11/26/using-my-iphone-to-improve-my-spiritual-life/

It's really true that you can use your iphone not only to look cooler, but also to improve your spiritual life.

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