"It's this air I breathe"

A blog world friend of my Aaron Ivey posted a cool blog with lyrics from a song he wrote. It was great to see music in type because the poetry really comes accross. Some of you know that I write songs from time to time, and have even probably listened to a couple on my random postings through the site, but I thought I would write down some lyrics that are from one of my newer songs....

It's this air I breathe
But I don't even say thanks
Or it's her lips you made
For only my lips to taste

It's this cold outside
That lets me know I'm alive
Or it's this starry night
and my sweet baby's cry

For there is hope in all of this I think
Where bright light shines through everything

For this is good
Where I am
It's why I was made
To be here where I stand
Right here with you
under painted sky
My dreams aren't this good
This is why, I'm alive

It's these leaves that fall
Bright orange like your sun
Or it's the smell of her neck
Where my kiss comes to rest


The End :)
Anyway, I've just been reminded so MUCH lately of God's involvement in my life's entirety. Not just the big things that I'd typically lean on, but every facet of my life...easy, hard, fun, sad, simple, difficult, real...He is there, and more than that, He wants me to know Him in all of those moments and to lean on Him in them. Easier said than done...especially in the simple times where things flow in the direction my life is pointed. It's so much easier to lean on God in the hard times, but I'm seeing more and more that God will truly bless me if I take notice and praise Him in the everyday.


Andrew Shepherd 4:53 PM  

thank you sir.

i believe you once commented on my arm muscle on lauren larsen's flickr site. i was flattered.

Lauren 1:27 PM  

beautifully written. i have been thinking about the fact that it is easier to praise/love/and cling to God through the difficult times too.. . and even though i would say that Matt and I are going through a more difficult time than others right now (his dad has cancer, our house is getting a bunch of repairs, we just moved to a new place and sometimes i feel so alone, the stress of him working full-time and being a seminary student part-time, etc. we are met with so many praises and joys that it is a mixture of the two. Like the joy of expecting a new baby... but the feeling of immense change and responsibility.)

God is constantly keeping us on our knees... but constantly giving us reasons to praise him for the air we breathe.

thanks for this post...

it's caused me to rejoice and be glad.

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