Stevo "28!!!" and Growing

So...the name of the blog had to change today, due to October 7th's ability to increase my age by another digit. I'm officially 28 years old and still feeling pretty good. It's been a great weekend with friends and family. From the Josh Rouse concert, to my first experience of Atlanta's Greek Festival, to a surprise b-day party that I was WAY too gullible to figure out. It was almost embarrasing that I didn't catch on.

"Hey Kristine, what are all those cupcakes for"..."wow, that's a lot of chili for 2 people"...

Overall, I had a great birthday. Overall, the past year has been one of excitement, adjustment and fun. To think that at one point of being 27 (for like 22 days), I was SANS child. The rest of the year has been one new day after the other. I loved being a 27 year old Dad, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to love being 28 while doing it too. It's so crazy to look back on 365 days of change...what will this next year bring? What will The Huntons look like in 365 more days?


khunton 11:53 PM  

You are a hottie! Love you, bday boy!

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