Community Group Beach Trip

Recently Kristine and I went on a little vacation with our community group from Buckhead church (http://www.buckheadchurch.com). It was such a great weekend, because no kiddos were allowed...the only "kiddos" on the trip were all of us acting like kids. It was such a blast to get to know these friends even better and to simply relax, sleep in, and just have a ton of fun at the beach. Here are a couple pics from the trip.

So...as you can see, there was some Bocce ball action...and yes, I'm the master. The funny part was how competitive all the guys were the entire time. Everything we did had to be a competition of some sort. For instance, when playing catch, we couldn't just throw a football around, we had to come up with rules so that if you dropped the pass, you had to drop and do 30 push ups. Ridiculous? Maybe. Fun? Of course. It was just cool to cut loose and experience community with Brothers in Christ and not feel rushed to get home and get ready for work the next day.

The wives had their fun too. Finally finding reasons to dance to Hip Hop and sit in their beach chairs and catch up from all the hectic days of raising our kids.

Anyway...I'm sure I'll come up with some deep thought that ties this blog together later with a pretty little bow, but for now, I just wanted to share some pics and say that I love my community group. They're all awesome and are a huge blessing to the Huntons.

Here are a couple sunsets for ya from the trip:


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