Small Victory

Many of you know that I've been working (a bit) on photography as a potential money-making venture. It's been tough because I don't really have the time to self promote, so setting up any family/baby/etc shoots has been pretty difficult. I really need to be more on top of it, but I did get a "small, small, small" win this week.

Recently I'd begun trying to sign up to post some images to istockphoto.com, an online stock photography site, where basically, your images are for sale, to be used in corporate, church, small business, whatever, communications. You get paid pennies for every download, but it's a start, and kind of like a snowball, the more you get downloaded for each image (if at all), the more pennies you can make.

Really, it's a great way to get some work out there, but I thought I'd include a couple of my latest favs for you.

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Snap 7:36 PM  

Good Picts Steve. I like em'. Keep up the good work.


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