Stevo's Latest Music Reviews Vol. 12

Seeing as I've now lived in Atlanta for over 3 years, I figured that I should devote an entry in "Stevo's Latest Music Reviews" to local Atlanta talent. The two guys below are two of Atlanta's best singer/songwriters. Both guys bring somethin different to the table, seeing as they're roommates this could be true for both the "table of music" as an analogy, OR the type of cereal that they each bring to their breakfast table. Either way, they're both great and well worth a listen.

Nathan and Micah (next) both played at The Gunkel's benefit concert for Jadon in early June. I was blown away by Nathan's performance and how great his voice sounds LIVE. So many people sound amazing on a CD only to sound like poop live because their voice went through so many filters when recording. Nathan is anything but that, he's got a great voice and his songs are really well crafted and fun to listen too. Adler even sounds as though he's humming when we listen to "Mary Poppin's Birds" in the car.

Nathan is currently on tour with The Samples and will be in Atlanta soon, so be sure to check him out and then buy tickets to the show. It's a great show and well worth the mula.

What's crazy is that these two guys live together...I imaging a ton of talent all confined into one space, where (when they are both off tour and at the house at the same time) music magic must happen often. Micah just has a smooth voice and writes great music. I was really impressed by the way he performed on stage, as well as the way his songs tell a story (I find this to be the hardest part of songwriting).

Both of these guys are great, so check 'em out. And if you're in the ATL, then you should be buying locally grown music. Just think of it as your own little "musical farmers market" where the produce is extremely tasty!


Aaron Ivey,  9:25 PM  

i will check em out! thanks dude...

ginger 12:01 PM  

hey-i found you from aaron's site... i've seen nathan and micah perform a few times and i agree... they're great!

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