Stevo's Latest Music Reviews Vol. 9

Welcome to 2007! So, kicking off the new year, I am determined to get out of my familiar musical rut and find some new talent out there that's worth listening to. I'm picky...to say the least, and because I did music professionally and saw tons of great AND not so great acts out there, I decide pretty quickly (probably within 30 seconds of the first song) whether or not I'm going to give a band any time. (caveat: this has burned me before, so if someone you trust recommends a band..give that band a couple songs to then decide. So, here are a couple groups that, within the first 30 seconds, I'd decided that they were worth purchasing the entire CD right there on the spot.

One of the great things about iTunes is the "Listeners Also Bought" links that are on most artist pages. The Helio Sequence is a band I discovered through that searching (literally picking a band I liked, and then surfing through the links on their iTunes pages for bands that might also be cool). This band is out of Portland (I think) and they are doing something so cool, that I literally can't describe it with justice. They have a really unique sound because it's just 2 guys that are blending live guitar and beats with electronic loops, great harmonies, and even some hamonica! Go check them out. You won't be disapointed...unless you hate cool music. :) j/k

I just started listening to this guy, and my first thought was Nick Drake. Now, I should preface that I'm not a Nick Drake addict, but I do love his music. I don't happen to have any Nick Drake albums either, but the VW spot from years back with the kids driving around the windy road, as well as the movie Serendipity have left my brain laden with the tunes of Drake. So, step aside Nick...welcome in Alexi. Give this guy a couple songs before you judge, as I found a couple tunes a few minutes and then got addicted to his voice.


Brett 12:07 AM  

I love Alexi Murdoch. I first discovered him when I heard "Orange Sky" during the movie Garden State. Unfortunately, they didn't put Alexi's song on the Garden State soundtrack, so I had to do some searching. He has a great voice.

I agree with your Nick Drake reference. By the way, the song on the VW commercial a few years ago was "Pink Moon".

Brett 12:12 AM  

From what I have heard on iTunes, I like Helio Sequence. For some reason, they remind me of My Morning Jacket. They don't sound like them, they just remind me of them.

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