Stevo's Latest Music Reviews Vol. 10

I'm a musician by heart and one of the hardest things to find in today's radio formula world is music that's driven by just that, music. All the crap out there that's about haircuts and tight pants, bling and who's drinkin crystal at club blah in LA, etc etc etc. A couple years ago I was introduced to Josh Rouse, and I've been hooked to every album since. I've reviewed a couple of his other albums in the past, so if you're interested ( http://stevohunton.blogspot.com/search?q=stevo%27s+latest+music) check out Vol. 2.

This is the latest project from Josh Rouse, who currently resides in Spain and must have found his clone walking around the beautiful streets of Barcelona or something, sippin on a glass of Tempranillo. I honestly don't know much about how they came together, or who "she" is for that matter, but it's really not important because I have the EP, and it's awesome. It's vintage Rouse with the newness of "she". "She" sounds like the female version of Rouse, which is so crazy because their harmonies match so well together. Spend a few minutes checking out their 5 song EP...it's less that $5 on iTunes, but if you're budget concious and don't trust me, just spend the 99cents for "Answers".



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