Revitalizing the hobby of images captured by camera Vol. 2

With a baby in the house, the desire to shoot photos is magnified 47 fold. He's just a great subject, and I'm so glad Kristine and I will have the pictures years from now when Adler brings home his new girlfriend from college that he wants us to meet...we'll pull out the pictures and the videos and embarrass the crap out of him...just kidding...well? Actually, we probably will, especially if we bust out video footage of Adler's "poopie moments".

Anyway, it's good times. But, one added bonus to all the pictures of Adler we've taken is that it's revitalized my interest in photos. There's so much emotion and memory involved, and you can often times look back at a picture years and years after the event itself and remember the smells of that moment. I remember Aruba and the smell of the water as Kristine took the ropeswing off the boat and splashed into the water. I remember the taste of my sea sick puke (I wish I could forget). I remember jumping into the pool after dinner in all our clothes and how bad my sunburn hurt!

I remember playing with b-side folk union in St. Louis at the Washington University W.I.L.D. show. We opened up for Crazy Town and Eve 6 and rocked it so hard. I remember how hot it was, and how large the stage felt. I remember taking this picture of Zach and Ithay kicking it, while I was sweating my butt off with the other guys and loading up the trailer. To be fair, don't know how much help they'd have been, but they sure do look like they are 1) having a deep conversation about friendship or 2) laughing at how they're screwing over the rest of the band by not putting their guitars in the van (love you guys)

I remeber the 20 hour van ride to Wilderness Ranch in Colorado where I'd spend 5 days hiking with YL in search of God and who he was to be in my life. I remember finding him. I remember the fresh deer poop next to my sleeping bag that told me my head was within 4 feet of being slammed by a pooping deer. I remember sleeping on hay. I remember the strangers in the van on the way there, and the friends on the way back. I remember thinking about Kristine and the place she had in my heart. Funny what you can think about in high school and see in fruition today.

I remember smell of wine, the shrimp & grits, the cheesy salesmen by the water that tried to sell historic mansion tours in historic Charleston. I remember the buzz we felt and Kristine doing a "grass angel". I remember how grown up it felt to be at a "Food & Wine Festival"....I remember the pizza and the "cool people art show" that we felt very awkward in. I remember surprising Kristine with this trip, and the surprise the very next weekend that Kristine was pregnant.

I remember the first moment I looked at this guy. I remember his cry when they handed him to us. I remember his "bilibed". I remember how studly Kristine was during the entire birth. So many memories to come, and more pictures. :)



roy 7:28 AM  

good pics.
i remember the bbq festival.

roy 5:46 PM  

new blog wanted

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