I took a few minutes to read through today’s Utmost For His Highest entry and really enjoyed the freedom it provided me.  As someone who spends plenty of time struggling to remain in a relationship with God, I often find myself reluctant to try and return to Him because I feel it’ll take weeks upon weeks to work my way back into the relationship, as I’m sure God would need time to really forgive me. The great thing about the passage today is that it dispels this myth and proclaims that the instant we turn around, we are made clean again. What a relieving and freeing feeling it is to know a God that is so quick to forgive.  

My challenge today then, is to turn towards light and stay there, knowing that in that moment I get to be close to Him again. And to move forward knowing that once I do find myself turning away from Him once again (as we all do), that I can stop in my tracks, spin my feet around and move back instantly towards His grace again.  


Anonymous,  5:42 PM  

good words bro

b.h. swan 11:38 PM  

thanks for the comments steve.


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