Stevo's Latest Music Reviews Vol. 6

My goal in a music review is to bring something new to the table, but unfortunately I haven't found much new music lately that gets me excited, but there is a new album that everyone should get...this isn't a new artist, someone that you can go to your friends and say "DUDE, you've gotta check out this guy...he's so awesome." and then walk away feeling that sense of pride you get for introducing your friends to the next thing that they'll be musically addicted to...instead, it's just a recomendation on a guy that's been around but keeps putting out new music...and buy "new" I mean differently new...not just a regurgitation of a past hit from a previous record.

JOHN MAYER - CONTINUUMYeah, I'm pulling the Mayer card out, but it's been such a refreshing CD to hear because I was totally expecting for him to produce some dribble Pop music on this album because his best music is being created with the John Mayer Trio. BUT, instead he came to the table with Pop music that's infusing his influences from blues, but also a more mature and soulful attitude. There's less bubble gum on this disc...just more sophistication from a musical perspective...like graduating from Orange Crush to a nice Pinot Noir. I think my favorite things of this album are the facts that his music has developed. It's obvioius that he now has the power in the producing of the album and is less worried about being the cute John Mayer that sings "Your Body is a Wonderland" and more interested in becoming his generations legend as a songwriter. The other thing I love is that his lyrics are still as insightful as before...just because the music got better, doesn't mean he gave up on being able to write memorable words...he does both and for that I applaud Mr. Mayer and hope you'll give him his due. Even if you haven't liked John or typically steer clear of this genre of music, you should give him a listen because he is one of the best musicians of our time.


corey 10:34 AM  

Nice review!
I'd have to try real hard to come up with something like that.
Well done.
I agree his music has progressed however I'm still not convinced he's "a nice Pinot Noir." That might be a stretch for me but a good album for sure.
Check out Beck's new album The Information.

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