Something worth spending more than a minute checking out:

Over the weekend, Kristine and I got to head home to The Woodlands, TX for a baby shower and a much needed excursion to the beach house in Galveston. We had a great time, and for a full story you should check out thehuntons.blogspot.com in the near future....but coming back from H-town, we ran into an old friend at church who was giving us the DL on her two sons and pointed us to one of her boy's blog sites to check out his poetry.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of reading, but I do enjoy thought, and seeing creativity come out through visuals or motion or prose, so I thought I'd give him a shot (even though I was a bit suspicious that it was a "proud mom" advertisement...you know, the ugly finger painting on the fridge that no one gets but the loving parents that see nothing less than Picasso.

So, I went to bradyswan.blogspot.com to give him a minute...what ensued can be described as nothing less than awe. Brady displays so much talent throughout each of his poems that I almost shouldn't be writing about it for fear that it won't do him justice. For such a young man to be writing the way he is, you just feel like you're reading something timeless that has to have been written years ago, when such creativity existed. So, my advertisement for Brady is simple...just give him a minute and you'll be asking for a lifetime of poems that will enrich your life and lift your imagination.



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