Help a brotha out!

So this post, like many, is about Stevo's embarrassment. While not as "clutch" as my escapade through the airport when I missed my flight, this event did produce the most laughter out of my wife in quite some time.

Kristine and I have a great church that we love (most of the time)...amongst the great things are the music, the speaker (Andy Stanley), and our great community group. Among the "not so hot" things are lack of seating, people saving seats for their late friends as my pregnant wife and I walk through the aisles desperately looking for a place to sit..."Oh, there is some carpet we can sit on in the front? cool...WELL, MAYBE WE WOULD IF WE WEREN'T OBVIOUSLY PREGNANT!"...but, at least your tardy friend got a seat. One other thing is the fact that it is PITCH black when you walk into the service, if it's started. Because the music is contemporary (and frequently awesome and rockin) the environment is that of a live show...no overhead flourescent lights guiding me down the aisle to find a place to sit...oh no, it's so dark you have to wait for your eyes to adjust, and then still can't see well.

SO...Kristine and I do show up at 1:03 (church starts @ 1) and of course the lights are down. We walk in, stumble around and finally find an aisle in the front that has some vacant seats..(oh yeah, and my other peave is that the aisles are WAY too close together...when singing and standing, there is no way in HECK that you can get past someone)...the first two people we have to pass were kind enough to step out of the aisle so that we could make our way in, but the third didn't seem to know what to do. I took it as her not moving, and that I should just try and squeeze by. I later learned that I was wrong. I tried to squeeze by, but what ensued could only be described as awkward junior high dancing to "Aint Nothin Wrong With a Little Bump and Grind"...

As if that wasn't embarrasing enough...church finally ended and I went to the bookstore. After the store, I went to find Kristine in the lobby. She had run into a couple we hadn't seen in quite a while. They have a 4 month old, so it was so great to see them. The husband and I talked for about 5 minutes or so...it was great to catch up. "We should have dinner." "Yeah, that'd be great. How's the job?" "It's great, and you"....INSERT sound of turntable scratching.

Kristine: "Stephen, what's that on your face? Wha the...it's some huge piece of fuzz."

SO, I'd just had a 5 minute (at the least) conversation with this friend and had the most massive piece of fuzz on my upper lip...just jabberin away looking like a total jackass...I do not know how he wasn't laughing at my face. Help a brotha out...tell me I got somethin on my yapper...sheesh.

Kristine walked from the lobby, to the car, and then rode in the car for a good 5 miles with nothing to say but constant laughter. I felt special.


khunton 6:26 PM  

Just reading this brought back the tears of laughter. This was so freakin funny because it really was HUGE and it was a navy piece of fuzz stick to his "5 o clock" shaddow mustache. And he really looked so cute and innocent and was trying to be sweet to this couple...I just couldn't believe the other husband hadn't said anything. It was really, really funny. I love Stephen for this exact reason. He can always make me laugh!!

Anonymous,  10:00 AM  

i love you for more reasons than fuzz, just so you know.

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