Stevo's Latest Music Reviews Vol. 5

This posting will only have one review, because quite honestly, no one should be put next to the person I'm going to review today as they can not hold a candle to this bright light that brings beautiful music back into my soul.

So, you probably know who Ray is...if you don't, find out. His new album "Til the Sun Turns Black" follows up his previous release "Trouble" in a huge way.I'm in awe of his smooth voice and the way he takes me back to a time before my time, where I feel like I'm in some place of musical history and music is being invented for the first time. It's apparent that he draws more from music's past than present, which to me (in a time of such duplication and repetition of "process") is so refreshing that my heart smiles just a bit at his boldness for doing something new with old influences.

Ray a few moments of your time and listen to "Lesson Learned" while sitting on your couch, arms stretched out and head tilted back, eyes closed and heart open and you to will understand why Ray's at the top of my list. Let me know what you think, but if I had to give one word for a description of Ray throughout this album and how it makes me feel, it would be "Rest" because he has a way of singing stillness into my constant motion.


Roy 9:11 AM  

i will def check him out now.
gratzi for my musical enrichment.

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