Stevo's Latest Music Reviews Vol. 4

It's been a long time since I wrote about music that gets me inspired. This is probably because there has been a lack of inspiration in the music I've been listening to. On the way to work I always find myself thinking about the day ahead and listening to talk radio on the local Pop Music station. The music that floats into my ears in between the chatter of the DJs is often toxic and results in my changing the channel until I feel they may be back to the discussion at hand. But, lately I've been trying to get my soul close to music again, back to feeling it, back to being inspired again.

Matt has been around a while now. Residing in Nashville, he visually represents the most stereotypical persona of a Young Life leader I've ever seen (if you're into YL, you know this person)...high top sneakers, bushy hair and goofy manuerisms. However, musically he represents maturity and soul wrapped together like pigs n a blanket with syrup on top (wha wha IHOP!) In all seriousness, his music is what my music wants to sound like, only he pulls it off with much more ease.

His first album "Twentythree Places", a staple of my CD player for quite a while, was great. Where it suffered in "over production", his EP "Today & Tomorrow" made up in leaps and bounds. The refreshing thing about "Today & Tomorrow" is that it sounds raw...like you're sitting in the studio getting to be a part of the recording process with him. Of any songs on either album, my favorites are "Wanderin Eyes", "Like the Last Time", and "Red Meets Blue" and if you give him a shot, I guarantee you'll find at least a couple songs that fit your musical pallette.

Ok, it seems silly to me that I would even need to introduce DCB to anyone, but I've seen crazier things in my day, so I feel a responsibility to tell you...STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO BUY EVERY DAVID CROWDER ALBUM EVER MADE...ok there. I feel better.

Really doh, I hope you'll give DCB a chance because he's all you've ever wanted in a band. From the earlier, more acoustically driven music to his current styles blending acoustic guitars with turn tables, drum loops, techno, etc etc (like Kristine's "Brain Drain Soup" (now that's tasty, I promise)) he has taken a calling from God to lead a younger generation into worship through amazing music. If you need an album to start with, pick out "Illuminate" on iTunes and go from there.


Roy 6:34 AM  

good reviews. sunsets and sushi has been a staple in my life the last few months. so has "holy, holy" on B collision.

hope you are well friend.

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