Has fast can you sprint when you miss a plane?

I'm officially an idiot. Some of you may be nodding and agreeing here, but I officially had my largest head up my butt moment of all time. My boss and I were headed to Dallas on Tuesday night for a Wed. 8:30am meeting that we could not miss. Our flight was at 5:35pm and we got to the airport at around 4pm, but as we walked towards the gate I noticed on the screen that we were delayed until 6pm. No problemo, we had some work to do, so it'd be fine. Right around 5:30 I walked by the screens again to notice that we had a delay now until 7:40! So now, I'm thinking, time to go get some yum yum. Jason and I walk to a different terminal, where we know of an actual restaraunt that we can eat at, sit down and order cokes...I decide to check my internet to be see if the plane has been delayed any further...

...OH CRAP...

The online notification shows that there is no such delay, and that we are still scheduled to take of at 5:35! I immediately grap my crap and start running...sprinting is a better word, while carrying my bags and sweating the entire way and cussing myself internally. I get to the gate and the plane's gone. I am an idiot. I look up at the screen, frustrated that someone had obviously put the wrong information on our flight to realize....

....I was looking at the arrivals schedule, not the departures. I am dumb.

The good news is that we made it on the next flight, but had to forego our nice seats up front for middle row seats in the back of the plane...did I mention the fella next to me required some of my seat? Just a bit snug. I am an cookoo crazy.


Roy 10:15 PM  

some yum yum.

Andrew 9:33 PM  

ahh, the ever fun missing of a flight. When VA and I were in Orlando to decide whether or not we wanted to move here, we missed our flight back because the security line was like an hour and a half wait. I blame you, cause you got me addicted to DD coffee and I had to stop one more time on the way out of town. :-)

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