Stevo's Most Random Talents

We all have them...talents that are not only unimpressive, but we probably actually wish that we weren't so darn good at them....I have two that stand out.

1) World's Fastest Clothing Folder - It's true...I am gifted in the realm of folding clothes...it's almost like my hands come apart from my body in a magical display of precision to fold at mach speeds. I even have a rule that the pile of clothing must be reminiscent of Stone Mountain (If I don't have to climb it to fold it....it's too small)...After all, my talents shouldn't go to waste for a couple garments washed on a whim, they should be placed into the limelight for all to see....NOTE: By "All" I mean Kristine, and my two dogs (Tristan and Sadie).

2) Fan Installation Expert - I can install fans at embarrassingly quick speeds. Please remember that "embarrassing" means to you, because you can not hang in my installation quickness. This is not so much of a "natural talent", as my clothes folding skills are, but an ability grown out of frequent practice...I have installed 5 fans in less than a year, and I don't work for an electrician...Many people stop me in the streets on a regular basis for my autograph...hmmmm, not so much...but trust me...I'm good at it.

So, those are the two skills I wish I didn't have. Simply because being skilled at this stuff means that I am doing them a lot. Especially the folding of the clothes...it's really not that bad, because it's a pretty even trade off (K washes, I fold and put up) but nonetheless, I still find it difficult to get excited about these gifts, even when I'm given the opportunity to display them in all their splendor.

My faith is like this, I think. I know that, as a believer, I have been given the gift of salvation as well as the countless opportunities to display that in all it's real splendor. Not that I'm required to push an agenda on someone, but simply to live my life as a display of light in a dark world. But, like my gift of folding clothes, I don't really get excited about it the way I wish I did. It's funny, because I know how awesome it is to have this gift, but yet I struggle to get past the busy and mundane parts of my work life that wear me out, so that I can "get excited, get..get excited...whooop" about all the incredible things that I have been blessed with. Today, I hope to see those things first...so that they block out the boring and shine out so that others can see it as well.

What are your random talents?


Roy 7:41 AM  

I join you in that struggle bro. Work must become the breeding ground for faith.

I have a talent that is known by drivers in atlanta traffic, it deals with how far I can flick a boog going various speeds.

dinner soon.

Stevo 12:07 PM  

wow...I'm sure that's a spectacle for the eye to behold :)

adam 7:09 PM  

So, I think I've realized that I've got some pretty random talents, too.

1. "most efficient garbage packer"
As my beautiful wife continually communicates to me how Awesome a garbage packer I am, by laughing at me hysterically, I have the uncanny ability to squeeze the subway sandwich wrapper, the doritos baggy, the napkins and the plastic bag into the 20 oz. coke bottle....while driving, mind you. This translates to the homefront, as well, with compressing cereal boxes and milk jugs, but I'd have to say my favorite part of this super power is stuffing garbage into other garbage. I see it as a personal challenge and once stuffed a water bottle into a gatorade bottle just to see if I could. Full-success, don't worry.

I'll leave it at that, not wanting to blow you away too soon.

"I see sitting on the beach with the babes and babies in our future!"

Stevo 11:37 AM  

wow...now that is a talent!

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