Bodies: The Exhibit __________________

I really didn't know what to expect when I showed up at the Atlanta Civic Center this weekend for Bodies: The Exhibit _________. At first, I really thought that I would be uncomfortable seeing previously live bodies, standing there with their eyeballs staring back at me as if to say, "Someday Stevo...Someday..." But once, I got past the first room (I started off a bit shaky, even though it was the "tamest" room of all) I finally realized that what I was looking at was completely AMAZING...We are such complicated, fascinating beings that require so many synchronized miracles each day to do anything...

If you haven't seen it...Go before it's gone.

...So, I've renamed the show somewhat, or just added in an ending that I feel is more appropriate (hence the blank space in the title). From this point on...'Bodies: The Exhibit of God's Freakin Cool Self' I mean, here I sit, typing this blog at 60 words a minute or so, with fingers that move exactly where I tell them to, because my brain sends millions of messages to them a second...and all the while my brain is doing other things...it's telling me that my butt is falling asleep from sitting too long in this cubicle chair, that the lights are a bit bright and that I should squint to see a bit more clearly, that my wedding ring needed to be shifted slightly because it had come to rest in an uncomfortable place on my finger...the list goes on and on and on and on. Not only my brain, but my muscles, my bones, my arteries, etc etc, are constantly at work...keeping me alive, so that in this moment, I can type away on our little patch of land called earth. It's really quite amazing to think about really...I mean, just stop reading this for 3.5 minutes and think about how complicated our bodies really are...there's nothing that man has created that even comes close...and by not even close, I mean our inventions are a joke compared to the invention of our bodies.

It really feels kinda 'neat' to know that we're created...I personally refuse to believe that an atom explosion made a body come together in all it's complexity...what a sad story that would be. Instead, I sit here, typing away and basking in an amazing moment of respect for a God who took the time at the end the end of a long week of good inventions (earth, trees, animals, water, skies) to craft together the most beautiful form of self-expression ever...you and me.


Roy 8:15 AM  

a good self expression could happen over dinner. perhaps this sun night, holla.

good blog. i have wanted to go see the show too. we will talk more about the big bang.

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