Stevo's Lastest Read...errrr...I can read?

So, I'm not much of a reader. Sure, I can do it, but in most books I find my brain wandering around, wondering "where the hell am I and why am I in this book...I should go outside and do something truly productive". No, I do not have A.D.D., though some may question the validity of this statement, but I do find (most) reading to be quite dull, and often repetitive. Take almost every advertising/marketing book I've put my hands on in the last few years of my career...One by one, the first chapters speak the same "truths" (and I use the quotations very seriously) and I ultimately get bored and put the book up somwhere to gather dust, and die a lonely secluded death in a drawer somewhere.

However, there is the occasional book that captures my eye, like the beauty of my wife and the way Adler keeps getting bigger in her tummy, ultimately making her unbelievably captivating...I am a proud husband, but back to the books...such books titled "Lovemarks" by Kevin Roberts or "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller engage, not only my brain, but my heart/soul.

The latest book to capture my "George-Like" curiosity is "Freakinomics" by Steven D. Levitt. It was such a cool book to read. Now, I am no economist, but I am interested in the quizical and that's where he takes this book...from the lowering of the crime rate in the 90's to why teachers choose to cheat on their students' test results, Levitt takes the data he acquires and looks at it from different angles than anyone else does, or for that matter, any one else wants to. It's not a book that I walked away embrassing as "Truth", but it did make me think about things and decide for myself what I think, not what media, parents, friends, etc want me to think...for this...I am appreciative.


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