Awkwardly Awesome Moments Vol. 1

We all know they exist..those special moments that are so awkward, but yet, so impossible to avoid. The happen in slowmotion, and in my world usually come complete with inner brain sound effects such as the "Wha Wha Whaaaaaa!" So, start thinking about your idea of an awkwardly awesome moment and post 'em...my first is as follows:

Vol. 1
You and your spouse have just met a great new couple...this is special, because you're a young married couple, and finding other young marrieds is not an easy task in such a large and busy city...they're cute, you're cute, it's all bliss...so you head out for your first double-date at a cool/trendy little restaraunt in town. Wow, this couple is so much like us...we like the same things, have similar hobbies....he and I get along, she and my wife get along, it's all bliss...then comes the check...no awkwardness what-so-ever, we just go dutch and that's that.

But now it's time to go...you shake hands with the husband (strong grip...respectable) and then go to say bye to his spouse (insert screeeching car brake sound effect)..."OH CRAP, do we shake hands, high-five, wave and nod good bye, OH AWKWARD...it's gonna be a hug? oh geez, we just shared our first dinner, we don't know each other yet...awkward side hug, yikes.

The awkward side hug has plagued many relational dynamics for years...from the Christian male college student who's friends with the Christian female college and the dangers of the "full frontal hug" to the group couple dates and social gatherings of young married couples seeking community amongst other like minded couples...it's seen as the safe hug, but it's just yucky and awkward.

Frontal hugs are for deep friendships, and still not entirely acceptable amongst the best friends of the opposite sex...there's something very weird about the social interaction and effect of a side hug, they are so cold, so in-human. In actuality, I'm not opposed to hugs with either gender...if you're my best friends...you get hugs. Note: if you don't get a hug from me, it's not because we're not friends...you just smell. just kidding, there are numerous reasons for not applying the hug to good-bye moment...sometimes the hug just doesn't work out...but no worries, it's all good.


Roy 7:26 AM  

ah, the science of the hug.

Zach 12:27 PM  

I've got couple:
I was at Kroger in Brookhaven a couple of weeks ago on my way to a friend's all-day cookout/poker fest. Well a couple of years ago I discovered a drink called a Pimm's Cup, made from a British liquor and delicioulsy garnished with a cucumber. It has kind of become my trademark to bring some Pimm's to such parties. So I already had the Pimm's, Lemonade and 7Up, and stopped at Kroger to get the most important ingredient: the cucumber.
I head straight for the produce and pick out a beauty (imagine Dean Wormer's wife at the grocery in Animal House). Cucumber in hand, I head back towards the checkout aisles -- only to run into a girl I had dated a few years ago. She was buying all kinds of ingredients for a full day of baking; a full cart for this natural-born Betty Buckhead. And there I am holding only a cucumber, though discretely by my side so she didn't notice. So after a minute of awkward small talk, I commented on the abundance of goodies in her cart. Then I just said, "Well this is all I'm getting today!" and held up my cucumber.

Stevo 12:54 PM  

Wow...that is awkward in more ways than one!

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