Pimp my nursery

As promised...here are some pictures of Adler's Room under construction.

This weekend was pretty fun (other than the longest run I've ever done in my life....Thanks a lot John). We got rollin on our Baby Registry, and let me tell you...it's way harder than when we did our wedding registry way back when. For instance, you'd never hear me ask the question "What is 'China?'", but pretty much everything in Babies R Us came complete with questions such as "What is the difference between a bib and a burp cloth?", "You put the thermometer where???", "First you get an infant car seat, and then a toddler seat? Front facing what?"

It was pretty overwhelming, and took a LOT of time...Kristine and I were both completely worthless once we got done with that little project, but then on Sunday we went to The Home Depot (where I can do it, and they can help), and found the paint we like for his room, so that's next on my "to-do".

Probably the most exciting product for Adler (in my mind) is the stroller. This is where I get truly pumped, because we're basically talking about Adler's first car. And as a boy, his social status amongst other toddlers will be greatly increased with a pimped stroller that highlights his already bad-assedness cool self. Just kidding...but I do really like strollers and have taken to finding information on them the way a lawyer might prepare for his first trial. It's intense. 4 wheels? 3 wheels? Front and Rear facing adjustable handles? weight of stroller? weight capacity? Does it have an adapter for an infant car seat? Could I jog with it? How does it fold? Does it come in cool colors?

Really, it's quite daunting. But not as daunting as the reality that I'm going to be a Dad. I'm actually really excited about this new role, as I see it as such an amazing priviledge to raise a son. But the responsibility to raise a man that will one day raise his own child is, without better words, pretty serious business mister. How do I raise a child to know that I love him no matter what, when he's just pooped all over me for the third time in a day? hehehe, gross...but I guess I'll just think it's cute, cause it's my kid's poop...not someone else's poop. That's probably why the screaming kid at Wal-Mart doesn't affect his Mom, but yet makes me want to smash my head through the glass in the frozen food isle...it's her kid, and his shrieking is seen as adorable.

But anyway, it's just larger than I am and I'm so thankful to know that there's a God who acts as "Father" and gives me the grace and ability, through Him, to be a good Dad to Adler. Pics of Adler's room "in progress" to come.

after while crocodiles.


Virginia 11:20 PM  

yes. please post pics! you guys are going to be great parents. We want to see you soon!!!!!!!!!! Tell Kristine hi.


Virginia 10:49 PM  

Tristan looks right at home. He'll be a good big brother. ;)


Anonymous,  10:25 PM  

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