The Incredible Inedible Snoogle

Well, Kristine is officially pregnant. The heat is so tough on her and it's been wearing her down during the day...I'm so impressed by the way she's been strong through these changes...my mind is officially blown at how much stronger she is than me, cause I know I'd be whinning like a 5 year old in the toy section of Wal-Mart if I had to deal with the heat amidst the extra pounds of a human hanging on my belly. Not only that, but she is at the point where even sleeping is uncomfortable...Imagine this...you work your butt off all day, get through it, come home dog tired and just can't wait to go to bed only to get there and be plagued by the discomfort of having to lay on your sides all night. Again, my wife is tough!

So, after a few very restless nights we went out and found "The Snoogle". This thing is so cool it makes John Travolta seem like an extra from "Nerds: The Revenge". It is the most amazing pillow of all time, period and everyone should get one (pregnant or not). It's basically a body pillow in the shape of a "C" and the C stands for Comfortable (with a capital C") because it's bliss. The top of the C cradles your head, while the bottom goes between your legs to reduce the pressure on your hips from laying on the side, and the middle of the C cradles your back or stomach (depending on preference to spoon or be spooned) giving you the feeling of total security. It's really BAD-A. I laid down in it on Friday night for 3 min and passed out and didn't wake up until the next morning...Kristine had of course moved me out of the Snoogle so she could have it, but just the initial falling asleep in the snoogle provided me enough comfort to sleep great through the night.

ps - I'm not getting paid for this endorsement.

Today, I was listening to a 7:22 talk from Louie Giglio about Tattoos and how we all, whether "believers" or not, are marked by something. Either we're marked with the image of Christ in our lives, or the image of Christ not being in our lives, or the image of Christ in our lives when it's convenient for us...The latter he referred to as "The Fuzzy Christian Center"...for me, it's the Snoogle Zone. I think it's something I've dealt with since college...that I totally believe, and have accepted God's grace into my life, but on certain occasions, when it's cooler to be something else, I move over into the zone of acceptance in order to fit in. It's very much like the Snoogle pillow for me, in that I don't even have to lay in it for long to fall asleep in my little comfort zone and not wake up until it's all over...I don't want that for myself. I want to stand for something and move out of my Snoogle Zone so that all of my days reflect the awesomeness of what it means to have chosen to believe.

The challenge: to be me, constantly and unwaveringly, regardless of consequence. The prayer: that God would enable me to do that.


Roy 6:26 PM  

i am in my first tri, is it the right time?

how's preg-gas?

Stevo 6:49 PM  

anytime is the right time for a Snoogle!

-almost as good as my gas. :) hehehehe, just kidding...I've never farted in my entire life.

Anonymous,  1:14 PM  

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