Emotional vs Rational

I read somewhere: "People are around 80 percent emotional, around 20 percent rational. Human emotion is the principal currency of the Attraction Economy."

I find this really interesting, and completely true. Truly rational people freak me out, and almost seem void of emotion, so I'm proud of the fact that I live with emotion. However, this gets me into trouble CONSTANTLY...from auto purchases, to buying one too many songs in iTunes, I am a random being. And I know that I'm not on the bad end of the stick, cuz money freaks ole Stevo out. (ask my wife about both of those last two sentences)

It's really interesting to think about...how many of my choices are made with emotion or ration? Are the choices I make in order to be rational actually emotional? Ie - when I buy generic brand Pop Tarts because I know that the rational thing to do would be to buy the cheaper product, thus saving my family money and propelling us towards financial freedom with the 8 cents I just saved...was that actually an emotional decision? oh, and by the way...generic Pop Tarts SUCK! The Hunton house has confirmed that Pop Tarts, like Saltines and Graham Crackers and Tostitos, can not be replaced by the generic brand.

The worst is when I make a rational decision to buy something I need, but once I get into the situation and tempted and drawn directly into retail hell by emotion. It is my equivelent of a 5 year old's soccer game, where I'm dribbling the ball down the field, defenses left in my dust...there's nothing between me and the goalie other than air and grass........and........oh, wow...look at that butterfly...it's so beautiful...I want to chase it now....wha? Soccer? where?

Anyways...just thinking out loud.


Angela 2:35 PM  

Pop Tarts kind of suck anyways... :D

Roy 3:10 PM  

frosted pop tarts is where its at. Target has good generic brands.

dinner with the wife when?

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