Mr. Adler, you're a rockstar!!!

So today has been a particularly tough one...not because work has inundated me with it's typically hellish attributes, but because I am perplexed as to what my son's middle name should be. That's right...Stevo's smokin "Itsaboys" and excited about it. We had been choosing between two names, and finally decided on Adler after seeing him in the Ultrasound. He really does look like an Adler :) It was so easy, just fit...

But now, it's all about the middle name, and things get pretty hairy when trying to find the right balance between Adler and Hunton. Trust me...having been referred to as "Stevie Wonder" (which I'm pretty sure I bare little resemblance to) and "Stephen is Hunting", I know that kids can (and will) come up with the most random crap to call you...but Adler's a rockstar and will kick your kid's butt if you call him names. Just kidding (about the kicking butt, but not kidding about the Rockstar).

It's also worth noting the "Adler" confirmation we got while in Brussels on our vacation. While searching for the appropriate location to rest our weary legs and taste a lovely Belgian beer, we came across what is now our favorite bar of all time. The name you ask? "Adler". There is was, in all it's glory...either saying to us: 1) You have named your kid well...he will be strong and mighty. Women will want to meet him, and Men will want to be him OR 2) Adler will spend much time at bars? I prefer numero uno.


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