Favorite Beverages Vol. 6

I just got back from my family's vacation to London and Brussels, and I've returned full of sorrow, knowing that getting my hands on the following beverages will be pretty difficult considering they are only sold overseas.

Going to Brussels I knew that I would encounter outstanding beers. Specifically, the memory of my Dad's Brussels Beer poster he brought home from our short residence in Waterloo, Belgium when I was 6 years old. Belguim is famous for a few things: 1) Waffles 2) Mussels 3) The Battle of Waterloo and Le Butte de Leon 4) Manequin Pis 5) Beer. So, we'll focus on #5 today...the wonderful Beers of Belgium.

Leffe Brun
This was the first beer I tried once in Brussels, and let's just say that I was excited about the potential of everything to follow this wonderful brew. So tasty, I almost cried.Ok, slight exageration, but it was excellent. I'm a dark beer guy (by the way), so this was right up my alley...dark, extremely smooth, but also had hints of flowers and happiness intertwined together = many smiles. If you ever get to Brussels, I highly recommend it.

I actually tasted this Belgian brew in London our first night on Vacation. It comes in a glass with a wooden handle, so how couldn't it taste great? :) Not only was it fun to drink out of this glass (made me feel like I'd bought a slushie at Disneyland, just to get the cool glass @ $9 a pop), but it tasted great. Not as dark/smooth as the Leffe, but very enjoyable....if you lean towards a beer with a higher carbonation level, this would tickle your tastebuds.
peace...much love...


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