Avocados and Beachside Emails

Is there anything better than a ripe California avocado? I seriously doubt it, because I've been in LA for the last couple of days on a commerical shoot and my brain has become dead locked on one mission...find and devour avocados. Seriously, I can't describe it, but these darn Californians have it good when it comes to avocados...Oh, and don't get me started on the strawberries...Fresh California Produces has changed my life.

So, amongst the fruit and veggies, I've realized how awesome the weather here is too...I went for a run around Santa Monica after a meeting yesterday and explored the town/beach/etc. It was probably 80 degrees tops. It was so refreshing to just be out and about, not having to sit in my hotel room and check email because of my latest purchase for a Treo phone, which I receive work emails on. I ran down the beach, grabbed a burger at a surf shack, checked emails and made calls while I listened to the ocean crash and rollerbladers and bikers chat as they passed by me. I then jogged to the Santa Monica pier where I explored the dock and heard some of the street musicians sing for spare singles and change, all while checking emials and making sure work went on as needed. It was so great.

Last night our group ate dinner at Matsuhisa, one of the sushi restaraunts from the famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa. The food was incredible...especially the Yellow Tail Jalepeno Shashimi. There were so many tasty dishes, and even a Green Tea Tirramisu that was quite interesting. The only disappointment was that we saw no famous faces around us (evidently it's a rare event to not see someone there)..but to the females' (in our group) excitement, we did see Keanu Reeves at our hotel (The Viceroy in Santa Monica)..."Hey Keanu, you were awesome in 'The Replacements'"


Andrew 1:30 PM  

That sounds awesome! Bring me back an In n' Out burger. If you see Keanu again tell him I said: "Be excellent to each other, and party on dude!"

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