Favorite Beverages Vol.5

So over Memorial Day Weekend, Kristine and I were lucky enough to spend time with our best friends "The Fountains" and their awesome 1-year old Graycen. What makes this important is that Misty F. is a big fan of red wine (as am I...ps - If you haven't noticed yet from Vol. 1 - 4...shame on you), so any time I get my hands on a red that's worth writing home about I enjoy sharing it with the Fountains. Most notable was our bottle of Duckhorn that we saved for over a year while the Fountains were having Graycen so that Misty could try it last fall...this post isn't about Duckhorn, but if you have 50 bones or more laying around...go grab a bottle and you'll be happy until you realize that you really just spent 50 bones...I recommend receiving as a gift :)

Anyways ("get on with it Stevo...I don't have time for this rambling") the red I was excited to share this time was Honig Cabernet Sauvignon. Kristine and I have been huge fans of Honig's Sauvignon Blanc since our 2 year anniversary trip to Savanna, GA (June 2004). Our favorite waiter of all time described this gem to us perfectly and we now consider it a must have if on the menu...SO, me being a red lover....imagine Stevo running around giving out "high fives" when we discovered that Honig also produces a Cab as we headed to Charlotte for the Food & Wine festival last March. Mr. Honig himself poured us the sample and once again, I was "crushing" on the Honig family. PS - the "high fives" were added for effect :)
Needless to say, we shared a bottle with The Fountains (don't worry, K didn't have any) and it was awesome. It's such a rich, full-bodied wine that is so smooth...I think it tastes well and drinks well and give this an A+ on my list. A wine this good, costing around $20 is well worth your time and taste buds. Get it.

***Stevo wine drinking tip of the month***
If you want wine to taste 113% better, just share it with friends because nothing goes better with a good glass of Cabernet than home made memories.


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