Stevo's Latest Music Reviews vol.3

Well, it's been a while since I shared some of my favorite music with you and there's just too much good stuff out there and not enough time to speak to all of it. BUT, I'm gonna try.

"Guster? Stevo, are you serious...I told you about Guster 6 years ago" you say? Well, maybe you did...but I was shocked at how many people didn't know Josh Rouse, and feel it's my responsibility to continue and praise the band that made percussion a passion in my life. If you know me well, you know that I like comedy movies, good times, and sunsets (well, might be exagerating a bit there...but sunsets are nice). Guster is no different. Since day one of listening to "Lost and Gone Forever" with Greg and Zach of b-side folk union, they have made me smile cheek to cheek. So many bands get old over time, but Guster's old stuff is timeless and their new music is evolving to new levels that keep my grin stuck in position. The must purchase album is "Lost and Gone Forever".If you don't have it...stop now, drive to your neighborhood CD shop, run through the door and exclaim "PLEASE, someone point me towards Guster...my life is about to change and it's silly awesome!"...but if you've got the scratch in your pockets to buy more, then my next two choices (although I get everything they do) are "Keep It Together" and "Parachute".Oh, and there's a new album coming this year so join me in gleeful anticipation and buy the first single on iTunes "One Man Wrecking Machine".

Ok, I'm no expert on these guys, but I saw their video on www.relevantmag.com/TV/ and want their music and friendship. The song is called "Unbreakable" and may have been named to describe my potential love of this band. I must see them live to determine my complete level of affection, but if they are as good live as their album sounds, then they are freakin sweet yo. (did you like my use of "yo" there...i did...that's how i roll) They are a 5-piece our of Australia, so the live show might take a small victory in the Georgia Lottery, but crazier things have happened...These guys have it goin on, from horns, to sweet harmonies and sort of sound like a modern day Beatles thing-a-ma-jigger. The best way to get a listen is at Relevantmag.com cause they haven't released a cd in the US yet (as far as I can tell...but I'll be waiting)

White Rapper from Decatur, GA...need I say more? "errrr, yeah dude, I ain't buying that...." well, you should take a listen. This guy's really good. Got a couple albums on iTunes, but his latest song "Sound Off" is also at relevantmag.com.He's got rhymes, but he's got faith and solid beats so the message is a bit more loveable than "in Da Club"...I think the cool part is that I feel like his beats remind me of The Roots (which is my favorite rap group ever)...so check him out, you won't be dissapointed.

****Stevo's Reminiscent Song of the Day******
REMY ZERO - "Life in Rain" from the 1998 Villa Elaine album...this is one of the most haunting songs I've ever heard. But haunting in a good way...not the evil DR laugh kind of way.Buy this song on iTunes ($1.99) money well spent. heck, the whole album is money well spent.

So, check out the tunes and let me know what you think...Holler...


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