The Slowdown

"The Slowdown" - a paragraph of Stevoetry (I'm not really a poet, and I know it) :)
So I pause, from this tornado surrounding me, it’s quiet and so is my heart.
So clear, this eye of the storm, that I can see what’s above me…past the winds, past the swirling, past the debris… This hand connected to someone who loves me…someone who made me.
And my piece of peace could have only been delivered to me from one, one who counted the hairs on my head, who’s seen every bruise and fall, but knelt at my side whispering “hope is near child…get up and keep your sights on me”

Work has been crazy...let's just say that Advertising is famous for being seasonal in stressfullness, but someone needs to tell my Client that because the season hasn't ended yet. :) So, I've been running in multiple directions every day for the past three weeks, and certainly counting the days until my vacation next month, but I just had the realization that my focus has been so dead set on how crazy my job is when I'm actually missing the boat entirely.

"So what should your focus be then professor Stevo?" you ask...well I'm no professor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night (insert drums Ba Dum Dum..."I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your waitress").

I think the thing I'm missing out on is this opportunity to trust God in the midst of my stress. I'm missing the opportunity to REALLY enjoy the blessings in my life....not because I need to quit my job...but instead be thankful that I do have a challenging job that pays my bills, a home, a wife and 'booper' on the way. All this said, my thought wrapped into a pretty package is that I've got it really good. I'm so lucky to have what I have and am thankful too.

So, I'm content right now we'll see what happens when I'm driving home and see that car I can't afford, but for now...I'm content.


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