Stevo's Eatery Adorations Vol.1

Who doesn't like food? Not only is it what sustains us, but it can also affect our emotions, conversations, relationships, and health. A very powerful substance if you ask me. So, here are a few of my favorite eateries around the country. If you're ever in their town, you should check them out...because I promise a happy tummy.

RENDEVOUZ (Charlie Vergo's) BBQ - Memphis, TN
Location: Downtown, off of Lamar. Literally down an alley accross the street from the famous Peabody Hotel. (just ask someone and they'll point you in the right direction).
I'm convinced that Rendevouz is the best BBQ I've had in my 27 years. The setting is awesome, you walk down an alley and then take the stairs down to a basement restaurant that's obviously been around longer than me. The staff consists of the oldest waiters you'll ever meet, and they're not playing around. Some people might find the service poor, but I chalk it up as the experience. (It's almost like these guys live BBQ, and you're lucky to be in their world...just trust 'em and you can't go wrong). What to eat? Anything...but the ribs are the best ribs I've ever had and the sweet tea is the perfect amount of sweet. Oh, and don't forget the napkins!
***secret: Rendevouz is open on weekends and on weeknights only. However, to accomodate travelers coming into/through Memphis, Rendevouz does leave the door unlocked on week days for lunch. Trust me, the pad lock is just hanging there waiting for you to remove it and walk in. (reason? They serve so many Ribs, they can not keep them in stock for lunch). Once downstairs, you have the following choices 1) drink? 2) large or small rib order? - that's it. Personally, my favorite time to go because there isn't the long wait that you get at night. Rating A++

FIGO Italian - Atlanta, GA
Location - 1210 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318

Figo is one of my wife and I's favorite places to eat. The food is great, and best of all cheap. Each plate costs right at $8, so unless you have a glass of Chianti (which I do recommend) and an appetizer (The caprese salad - pictured - is mighty tasty) you can both eat and tip for under $20. The atmosphere is great...they keep the meal cost down by having a line for ordering (so you don't have a waiter, just a food deliverer)...the bread is some of my wife's favorite in town (she's a bread afficionado) so we love going here for dates (not necessarily a "Date Date", but a good "date" :)
My recommendation is the mushroom ravioli w/ mushroom sauce. It's consistenly amazing. It's rich and gets me full and happy. I just got hungry thinking about it.

LOAFIN JOE'S sub shop - Fayetteville, AR
Location -201 W Mountain Rd (near the square) 479-443-9944
When I think about nostaligic locations of my college experience, Loafin' Joe's stands out vividly as a location of joyful tastebuds. They are not your typical sub shop, as you'll see from the descriptions of my two favorite sandwhiches...but they were so amazingly good I never cared that the service was pretty non-existent. My friends and I would constantly eat at L.J.'s (they do take-out and delivery too!!!) The ranch chips are a must have, and an added bonus is they have the best ice for your drinks. If you're ever within 500 miles of Fayetteville, AR..take the detour to Loafin' Joe's and it'll be worth your trip.
"Grand Canyon"-Roast beef, bacon, hot pepper cheese, BBQ sauce, and Ranch dressing.
"Trulie Scrumptious"-Sliced chicken, pineapple, BBQ, pickles and ranch dressing.
Homemade Ranch Chips!!!


Breckdablogga 6:13 PM  

YES.....Loafin' Joe's is genius. Good list, Stevo. See you next week in the ATL.

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