Favorite Beverages Vol.2

Well, I'm back...been a couple days since I've written, but I think of you all daily. :0)


I think the key to this wine review is the year. 2005 is just a bit too young in my mind, as I've read favorable reviews of the 2004. I did enjoy tasting this, much more than drinking it. When tasted properly the aromas and plum flavors really stood out well, however when just sipping the wine it can accross a bit too tart for my tastes. I think that drinking this a year or two from now would have been better. Overall, I give this a B-


This tea fights back the mind's notion that "no carbs = no taste". I really liked this tea as I felt good about myself when drinking it. Not only does it taste great, but it makes me feel like I've done my body a good deed for the day when I drink it. Plus, Arizona teas have always been fair priced compared to most teas out there, so you don't have to rearrange your budget to buy it. Look for it in a half-gallon carton @ the "supermarket" in the juice section (who says "supermarket" anymore??? I just turned into a grandma).


I'm a tap water guy. You won't see me ordering bottled water from a restaraunt unless I know that the restaraunt I'm at uses toilet water with lemon. And even then, I'm tempted to save the money on the check "HEAVY on the lemons Sir, Daddy's thirsty!!!" But, sometimes you find yourself in a convenience store with "A King's Thirst" and you realize that only water will do. This is when I look for FIJI water. I don't know what it is about this tasty treat, but for some reason I find it so much better than the other bottled brands. Maybe it's the fact that FIJI water is drawn from deep within the earth from an artesian well (enclosed by a volcanic crater) and not damaged by hands and processes, OR maybe it's the romantic idea of water coming from such an exotic place that it must be heavenly. Either way, next time you're looking at the shelves of water with indifference, grab FIJI and give it a whirl.


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