The little bump that could...

Today I'm pondering about a little bump in my road of life that is forever altering who I am as a person, a husband, a friend, and most of all follower of Christ. What's the bump you ask? Well, we'll get to that...but let me just say that it is the scariest and most joyful detour I could ever be given the priviledge to take.

This bump will grow, first into a bigger bump...next into a huge bump, and then into my child. What a thought! Last night Kristine may have felt the baby for the first time, but she can't tell because the feelings are so new to her. I won't be able to feel it kick on the outside for a while, but just seeing her face light up from the possibility that the baby moved was enough to move me too.

There's so much mystery to this bump. Will it become a boy or girl? Will it say "momma" or "dadda" first. Who will see 'booper' (as we call it now) take a first step? What will the first hug feel like, or how will it feel to discipline them for the first time (this is why a boy would be good...I won't be good at telling my daughter "no" :) Most of all, will this little child come to understand what I understand, that this person named Jesus is real and a part of my life and Kristine's and hopefully 'boopers' too. How do I let 'booper' choose for itself, when I believe it's such an important choice? wow. I hadn't thought of all these responsibilities until I started writing...

It's just fun to daydream about the little bump that could (insert dreams here). But one thing I do know...as long as I get to watch him/her grow up, one of my dreams will have already come true.


Virginia 5:01 PM  

;) thanks for posting the pic! we are working on planning our next visit to Hotlanta. tell Kristine hi, she looks beautiful.


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