Favorite Beverages Vol.3

When I think about high school romance, I think about my future bride and I taking rides to Sonic in the summer. That's right, I married my high school sweetheart...it rocks...anyway, so many a time would I roll up to her door in my forest green 1998 (shiny and new back then) Pontiac Firebird, rockin the t-tops, chrome rims, subwoofers, and certainly exhaust pipes (which let her know I was coming from a mile away), so that we could go to the mall or play putt-putt (which I let her win often). But, rarely would we not stop in at our favorite beverage destination SONIC, and though I'm a huge fan of the Lime Slush, I most often opted for the Cherry Lime-Aid.

My reasons were simple...the Lime slush has consistency issues. At any given time, the slush could be perfection or anything but, however...the Cherry Lime-Aid always hits the mark. The ice is always perfect and the cherries and limes at the bottoms are like little tiny Christmas presents.

When it comes to a good beer, my rules are simple: 1) It's gotta be cold 2) It's gotta smell good 3) It's gotta tast good 4) It's gotta be affordable. You see, a good beer (to me) is like wine in that it's best served with conversations. My friends and I went to a Jazz concert in Smyrna, GA (near our homes) where you take picnics and really just hang out together in $6 Wal-Mart fold out chairs, or on blankets in the grass. Along with the grilled sausage, balsamic vinegar strawberries (trust me..they are GOOD) and tomato avocado sandwaches, I also brought some Blue Moon. It was so perfect for the occasion because it really brings out the flavors of food and (to emphasize my vanity) feels more sophisticated to have a beer that's not named "Mad Dog" or nicknamed "Beast".

Blue Moon is a long time favorite of mine that has recently made it's way up the rungs of the tasty beer ladder and landed itself smack-dab in my Favorite Beverages listings. "Why?" you ask. Well, it's because it's a really smooth, rich beer that takes what I like about Belgian "white" ales, and leaves out the parts I don't. Also, it's comparably priced to cheap american light beer (yuck). I found it at a store near my house for under $6 for a 6-pack.


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