If money grew on trees...

So, our community group has been talking about financial freedom in our latest study, and it's been great. A lot of the information has been so helpful in displaying the shackled effect of consumer debt and how to use compounding interest to our advantage, as opposed to our detriment. The part that makes me laugh though, is that knowing this doesn't help...it's the action required afterward.

As you know now...if you've read any of the previous posts...Kristine and I are having a "little one" and thus are focused on getting prepared for the day he/she arrives. Much of this focus is first placed on getting rid of our credit card debt, which will take some conviction to really clean off in 6 1/2 months. However, it's totally doable. I challenge any of you to actually track your spending for a pay period (or whole month) to see what you really spend, and where you spend it..we're currently using Quicken...the charts this programs spits out are awesome (and telling). We've set up a budget and have now got a pretty large sum going directly into our credit payments, all while tithing and not changing our quality of life a whole lot. (really, it's little steps that do the job....not buying a soda/beer at dinner for example).

All this said, and last night we got done with YL and got in the car.....turn key...nothing....try again......er, nothing....ummmmm, what the flame is going on? Car dead. So today will be spent straightening out that situation, which as I probably don't have to explain, wasn't a part of our above budget plan....(insert british accent: "Blasted")

SO, the thing that I'm realizing this morning is that:
Although our community group study has shown Kristine and I a fool proof method for planning and saving towards financial freedom, there will be PLENTY of speed bumps that require less of ourselves, and MUCH more of God. This whole time, I've been setting up Quicken, writing down budgets, thinking ahead, etc etc, but hadn't really involved the person of God in my financial world. Ultimately, realizing this is so comforting because of the Hunton's past and seeing how faithful He has been with our finances in the past...

Ultimately, I think it's the action of choosing to have an open relationship with Him, that is honest and includes all areas of my life (not just family, baby health, or Sunday school - but also our financial lives that I tend to hold onto so tightly) COUPLED with the diligence to plan, budget and spend wisely that will lead to financial freedom.


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