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So, something I'm going to give a try is putting some of my latest musical favs into my blog. I've been into music since college and have some pretty particular tastes as far as music go.

OK, let me begin my musical review writing career with my most recent find. Phil Wickham has one of the most pure and captivating voices I have EVER heard. His voice his so reminiscent of Jeff Buckley that I literally do a double take when I listen to his music. As I write this, I'm literally listening to his song "Grace" on his website www.philwickham.com. The irony is that Jeff Buckley had an album titled "Grace". I implore you to listen and compare the two. My contrasts of the two are that Jeff seemed to be a man searching for meaning, as he sang about faith, life, etc but lived a troubled life. Phil, on the other hand, is a "Christian" artist, singing about his Faith in God through worshipful lyrics.

***Side note: so much of today's culture says that a "Christian" can't write cool music, or music that is relevant to them. While I agree that there is a TON OF CRAPPY CHRISTIAN MUSIC (yeah, I said it...meet me in the parking lot and we'll duke it out)...there is a list of guys and girls that are on the cutting edge of music (even though they are Christians)...Phil Wickham is one of these people...check out his website or iTunes and give him a try. Even if you don't want to hear his powerful lyrics you won't be able to argue his talent with me.

So, Shy Murphy has been around a while...actually, they were only around for a little while. They recently finished an album, and then split up not too long after. My brother is actually the bass player (but I do not judge on bias, they are what they are). These guys wrote some really, really chil music. Bryce, the lead singer, has an incredible falsetto voice and the music is reminescent of stuff you'd want to hear on an O.C. soundtrack...Think "The Fray or Coldplay moves to Nashville and chills out a bit"...they have their debut EP up on iTunes. (just seach the music store for "Shy Murphy" and I personally recommend "Worth It" and "Honesty".

It's too bad they don't play anymore...

Alrighty...I'm not a huge country fan, and this guy isn't exactly "country" but he does have some of the vibe. I discovered Patrick Park @ SXSW in 2003. He's from Colorado and is super chill. I hadn't really thought about him in a while, because I hadn't been able to find his album anywhere, but 6 months ago I found it on iTunes...and my ears have been happy ever since. "Love Is a Bomb" is a fun song that I'm addicted to. The only way I can describe Patrick is that his cd is not for driving so much as it is for sitting back in a big chair, tilting your head back to look at the ceiling with your eyes closed to sit and dream a while...way to go Patrick, you have a fan in me.


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