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So, this is unprecedented...2 days, 2 blogs. Whoa (Insert Joey voice)...So, today I'm at a photo shoot for The Home Depot. It's pretty interesting, and it's going to be cool in a few minutes when they start shooting drills plow into wood boards with sawdust flying everywhere...VERY manly, very tough. Like me. :) just kidding.

So, today I thinking about being a Dad, which is probably something I'll be mulling over for quite some time since it's coming my way so quickly. The responsibility, the pressure of raising a child....while doing a good job of it and not permanently screwing her/him up is daunting. The solice for me is that I know God...and unlike my character, His is perfect. I'm completely convinced that we'll be okay as long as we trust in His direction. "The proof is in the pudding"....just means that I've seen this truth many times when I relied on Him completely. It's not something I gravitate to because I'm so focused on how tough and capable I am of doing it myself...which, as we all know, is complete Donkey Poop. So I guess my thoughts are this...by trusting in Him and not forcing my abilities into the forefront, God will use the talents/abilities/character he gave me to be a successful Dad/Husband/etc.

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Here's a picture of me "Rocking Out" at The Benefit Concert. If you know me well enough, you actually know that I don't "Rock" (insert image of long hair, head banging, and throwing up the "rock and roll bull horns"), but I do like to have fun on stage. The Benefit Concert was amazing. Not only was I fortunate enough to get on stage with some very talented musicians, but I got to play 5 songs in front of a bunch of folks that had no clue who I was (or especially what I sounded like)...it was so much fun, and affirming to hear their well-wishes. However, the coolest part was definately the money we raised....8 freakin thousand dollars...our goal was 1 thousand, so it was an astronomical success, and one that I can't wait to see come to fruition at our annual Home Team rennovation project.

If you'd like to check out a couple "rough" tunes of mine...just go to www.myspace.com/stephenhunton or www.signinrockout.com (benefit concert official site)

As for the other talented musicians...I'd have to say Caroline Cobb (Smith) was really cool. Her album is on cdbaby.com for sale, and would be a good purchase.
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She played with Jeff Whang, a Strategic Planner at The Richards Group, who was RAD at the cello. It was very good and hopefully we'll hear some live stuff soon.


jamieclayton 2:31 PM  

No doubt...you'll be a super Dad! I'm digging the new song too. Very sweet, got me a little teary...which could also be the hormones :) Anyways- it's fun to be doing this whole prego/parent thing with you and Kristine! btw...I apparently now have a blog too since I'm leaving you this comment!

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