Back in the saddle again..I'm BACK...

So, I'm giving this whole blog thing a try, but it's tough considering I have no access to most websites from my office.

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So the latest in the Hunton household is that baby is officially on the way. We've had our second DR appointment and all looks good. I even got to hear the heartbeat today, and let me tell you what.....THAT's Crazy! It's probably the coolest thing ever, minus seeing the ultrasound and the heart actually beating on screen.

That's really all I can say about it...just amazing. It makes God so much more apparent and obvioius to me. As if Mountains and blue skies and good music didn't already showcase a "Creator" but to see how freaking complicated and tiny a birth is, and all the while see how everything comes together is absolutely amazing.

There's a talk given by Louie Giglio about the majesty of God. Check out buckheadchurch.com/sermons and look for the 'Fearfully and Wonderfully Made' talk and you'll be blown away at how miraculous birth is (for one), BUT even more than that....you'll see how much God loves us and how creative and involved He is in our design. Incredible...


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