Sunsets and Chocolate Sushi

Hey Guys,
I just spent 4 nights/5 days in Aruba with Kristine...it was a much needed trip and we had so much fun. Eventually I'll figure out how to post pictures on this site and then you'll see some of the reasons why it's so much fun...Below are my thoughts from an email I sent some of my buds from Atlanta that are reading and writing thoughts together as a type of accountability group...and I just thought this would be a worthwhile thing to post....

"I've been thinking so much about on of the many awesome things that I got to experience in Aruba. Sunsets. I've always been a fan of sunsets, the way they're never the same, the way I feel like God's showing off a bit so that we can enjoy his awesome creativity. The way that something so temporary (they only last minutes, if even an hour) is so beautiful, and the emphasis it places on how beautiful we are to him because He made us as eternal beings that will live forever due to accepting His grace.

I think cooler yet, was sitting on the plane and thinking about how clear God was in Aruba and how hard it can be to see God in Atlanta with all of it’s fast moving parts, and then while listening to David Crowder’s “You are my joy” (my favorite song as of today) getting to look out the plane window to see yet another beautiful sunset from the air as if God was simply stating “Stephen, I am everywhere and all you simply must do to enjoy my blessings, is to take the time to look for me...because if you seek me, you will find me.” I emphasize “take the time” because as I was looking out the window at this unbelievable picture God had created, I noticed that hardly anyone else was looking out the window...everyone else was transfixed on the little TV screens showing some lame documentary (we had already watched Bad News Bears (the new one)). It was basically sad to see how many people on the plane were missing out on an opportunity to view God at work, and it also hit me how many times I must miss the same opportunities on an everyday basis.

My point? Well, simply to stop, take a deep breath, and notice something beautiful that God made. Whether it’s leaves on the ground that have all fallen from the same trees but all look the same (and somehow seem more important because God gave them unique characteristics, or a song that cuts through stress and somehow gives you peace because you know that God’s using it to bless you at that moment (“You are my joy” does this for me with chills everytime I hear it), or your bride and the way that she somehow amazes you in moments you don’t expect (to really enjoy this, I highly recommend vacations in Aruba :). I think this is the thing God gave me to bring home, an appreciation of His greatness...because I know that my greatest struggle is looking past myself, my day-to-day, my work, my fears, my ego (the list goes on)...to a point where I can clearly see God and the way that my life is so incredible because of the good, great, and wonderful things he has place in my life."

Later and much love,


Virginia 5:04 PM  

sounds like it was a blast! i'm glad ya'll had a great time. i'm with you on the sunsets...last night the entire sky was pink and purple with clouds scattered everywhere. i'm always amazed by a great sunset.

Andrew 4:34 PM  

and God made rum too! for great mexican daquiris. Am I right?

Stevo 1:57 PM  

yes, you are most certainly correct...moderation my friend, moderation.


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